Stirrings of the Heart

by Krista Yoshihara


     As I was going over the Torah portion, Parashah 22, I noticed that the same idea was repeated 6 times and YHWH never repeats himself without a reason.


SH’MOT 35:5b says, ’…anyone whose heart makes him willing is to bring the offering for YHWH’.


35:21’…everyone whose heart stirred him and everyone whose spirit made him willing,’…


35:22 ’,…as many as had willing hearts,’


35:26 ’…women whose heart stirred them to use their skill…’


35:29 ’…whose heart impelled him to contribute to any of the work YHWH had ordered through Moshe brought it to YHWH as a voluntary offering.’


36:2 ’…,everyone whose heart stirred him,’


     We are taught from small children, as we read Proverbs, that ‘The heart is deceitful above all else, who can know it?’. And yet there is a concept taught here in the portion that we should not overlook. What kind of a heart do we have? Do we have the heart that is patient to wait for His instruction? 

     These people gave out of what was given to them by the Egyptians, as YHWH prompted the Egyptians to give, and it probably would have been easy to want to hold on to what they had, considering they were still wandering around in the wilderness and did not know what lay ahead. It is interesting to me that YHWH put it on their hearts to give. He had just given them verbal instruction, the 10 commands, about how they were to live and conduct themselves, now it seems He is testing their hearts, whether or not they were going to be obedient in the unspoken commands of His Spirit. He could have very easily said, by the way, give up all your gold and silver, bronze and linens, etc. to build a tabernacle, and they probably would have done it! It just seems to me the importance of having a heart relationship with YHWH, not just based on the verbal commands, but a real love relationship with Him.  He seeks us, woos us, and how callously we hurt Him over and over, hurting ourselves as well, not knowing we are dying without Him!


Proverbs 21:2  ‘All a person’s ways are pleasing in his own sight, but YHWH weighs the heart.’


Proverbs 20:5 ‘The hearts real intentions are like deep water; but a person of discernment draws them out.”


     Do we know the state of our hearts? Do we take the time in prayer; honest, pleading, broken prayer before YHWH to know the state of our hearts?


Psalm 139:23 ‘Search me, O Yah, and know my heart; Try me, and know my thoughts; And see if an idolatrous way is in me, And lead me in the way everlasting.’


     Are we able to pray that prayer without being false, thinking we are hiding our real selves from Him? What are our evil ways, are we willing to forsake them to be clean and whole before Him. We desperately need to be able to pray that in order to get the healing He so freely promises. WHATEVER WE ARE HOLDING ON TO IS NOT WORTH IT.


Proverbs 4:23 ‘Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life’s consequences.’


     I think we as His people are given more verbal direction than we deserve, its His mercy on us that compels Him to spell it out for us. Now we need to work on our hearts and being receptive to the inner workings of His Spirit, having hearts that give to Him in whatever capacity he calls us. To forsake our idolatrous ways and really KNOW Him. Be Real.


Proverbs 4:20 ‘My son, pay attention to what I am saying; incline your ear to my words. Don’t let them out of your sight, KEEP THEM DEEP IN YOUR HEART; for they are life to those who find them and health to their whole being.’


     We don’t have a lot of time, His Word warns us that time is growing short, so what are you going to do with your heart? We are given clear promises of health and prosperity, long life, if we will be obedient in our hearts. That means we need to change our outward appearance as well to reflect our inward heart. A person that is striving to have a heart of obedience will reflect it in their speech, manners, appetite, clothing, relations with others, and future goals. It will be something that just emanates from them, without any effort, because it is the Spirit in them that is coming through.


     What about the saying,“ Well, He knows my heart, and He will tell me what I need to know.”  HE ALREADY HAS told us and we are not listening, and the scary thing about saying that is that He KNOWS your heart.


Proverbs 5:21 ‘ For YHWH watches a mans ways; He surveys all his paths.’


     We have no excuses, He knows our hearts. He does know our ignorance and makes ways for us to grow out of our ignorance, but He also knows what we know, that part of it we are accountable to Him for.


Psalm 141:3-5 ‘Set a guard, YHWH, over my mouth; keep watch at the door of my lips. Don’t let my heart turn to anything evil or allow me to ACT wickedly with men who are evildoers; keep me from eating their delicacies. Let the righteous strike me, let him correct me; it will be an act of love. Let not my head refuse such choice oil, for I will keep on praying about their wickedness.’


     I pray that this be our prayer, to keep us from ACTING on wickedness, to keep ourselves set-apart in our hearts, being obedient in giving and acting as a righteous people should. He will not ever turn us away if this is the true desire of our hearts.


Proverbs 11:20 ‘ The crooked-hearted are an abomination to YHWH, but those sincere in their ways are His delight.’  


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